Pray for our ministry staff.

Pray for our weekly services each Sundays at our home base.

Pray for our visitation outreach into the local native communities as we build trust, relationships, and opportunities to present the Gospel.

Pray for the services in the tribal jails and for the 1700 native inmates who have requested materials through the mail.

Pray for the discipleship of native believers with whom we are privileged to meet during the week in their communities. Ask God to encourage them as they endeavor to be a witness on their reservation.

Pray for the Men’s retreats at our home base in the spring and fall.

Pray for those who have responded to the preaching that has gone forth over the tribal radio reaching a listening audience of thirty thousand people on two reservations.

Pray for God to continue to minister to hearts in the native communities that have been reached with evangelistic materials and DVD’s. Materials have been placed in over 35,000 native homes. Pray for the yet-unreached communities that we will minister to this coming year.

Pray for the Backpack Evangelistic Outreach during the Christmas Season which takes God’s Word into native homes, the Boys & Girls Club, Older Adult Centers, children’s home, and to teens in the tribal detention center.

Pray for our outreaches taking evangelistic materials and DVD’s to Pow-Wow’s and other native gatherings. The “Gathering of Nations” in New Mexico is the largest Native American event nationally (150,000 people attend with 700 different tribes represented.

Pray for the young people gaining exposure to missions and serving with us in VBS in the native church, back yard Bible clubs, Older Adult Centers, and Boys & Girls Club ministry in the reservation community.

Pray for Apache believers who are translating and recording the Apache New Testament onto audio CD and for receptive hearts to the Books of the Bible now being distributed.

Pray for those without Christ living in native communities to be ministered to through the Today’s Native website (www.todaysnative.com).

Pray for our continued development of materials geared to native thinking and to the struggles evident within the native community.

Pray for souls to be saved through the witness of Native Voices (Apache & Navajo testimonies of salvation on DVD) – Also please pray for the native believers who have shared their faith.

Pray for additional people groups to be reached through the witness of Navajo Redemption (The drama of Pastor Noble’s testimony of deliverance from alcohol and tradition) – This evangelistic tool is available in English, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, Guarani, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean, and Arabic, which has been broadcast to several countries in the Middle East.