Our History


roloff_11Regeneration Reservation has the unique distinction of being the last ministry founded by radio evangelist Lester Roloff. It is a faith ministry directed by Pastor Scott Murphy. Scott grew up on the Navajo Reservation, where he and his mother, Ann, began working with the Navajo people in 1969. They helped to establish a local church ministry which is now under native leadership. After eight years of ministry to the Navajo, they helped establish a local church among the San Carlos Apache. In 1980, Lester Roloff accepted the invitation to visit and preach on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. After visiting with tribal officials and witnessing both the need and the opportunity for ministry in the reservation communities,  he began sharing the need on the radio and in churches across America. The ministry was started in History---Miss-Annthe spring of 1982 with the assistance of many volunteer laborers. Regeneration Reservation is strategically located in the heart of the Southwest for outreach to several native communities. Weekly ministries involve both evangelistic and discipleship outreaches seeking to encourage and equip Native leadership in indigenous ministry among tribal people.


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