Native America

In the United States there are 564 federally recognized Native American Tribes and 326 Native American land areas (reservations, pueblos, etc).

Native Americans are the only people group to be granted a sovereign nation status by the federal government. The reservations of the American Indian tribes resemble countries within our country, with their own tribal laws, law enforcement, and court system. Freedom of religion has not always been guaranteed. Some tribal members who have taken a biblical stand against certain traditions have been asked to leave their community.

The Gospel has been preached among Native Americans for over five hundred years, yet it has been reported that only 10% profess any kind of Christianity and only 2% attend church. Tribal and clan diversity, non-English-speaking tribal members, remote geographical locations, and illiteracy contribute to the difficulty of spreading the Gospel.

There remain at least 200 native people groups in the U.S. and Canada yet unreached with the Gospel.

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USA Native Map