Native Voices Project

We have produced a series of video testimonies of American Indians who are living for Christ among their people. We record their testimony in their community; we edit and produce the master in-house at our ministry.

The powerful testimony of their transformed lives has opened doors to present the Gospel where the doors have been previously closed. Typically these presentations of the Gospel are passed along and viewed many times. We are providing the DVDs to native believers and missionaries to distribute free of charge, and the response has been tremendous. We also receive requests for Native Voices DVDs from native communities that have received post cards that we send through direct mailings inviting them to receive this free gift.

The cost to duplicate the DVDs in bulk is about a dollar apiece. This makes it a very cost effective tool of evangelism. This outreach to America’s “first mission field” is possible because of the support of God’s people. We would be delighted to send a complimentary copy of this DVD to those who partner with us to purchase at least 25 or more evangelistic DVD’s ($25 gift). You may mail your gift to Regeneration Reservation and designate for the “Native Voices Project” or click on the donate button below.



Here are some of the videos of native men and women sharing how God has changed their lives.

Please click the YouTube icon below to view the full YouTube selection that includes many more Native testimonies as well as several that have been translated into Apache, Navajo, Guarani, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic.