Apache Voices

Novak vivdly describes the bondage he faced in his younger years and how it nearly destroyed him. He is now living free from the chains of addiction through the power of Jesus Christ!

Naomi recalls her years as a teenager and how she nearly threw her life away. She is now serving the Lord and has found hope and value in life!

Naomi rejoices in the power of prayer and a life transformed through the power of God’s Word! (APACHE LANGUAGE)

As a young person, Franklin Gilbert was searching for acceptance and significance in this life. It wasn’t until he came to know the Lord personally that he realized that only God can give meaning to life. Franklin wants to share with you that this world doesn’t offer much, but Jesus Christ offers eternal life, eternal joy, and an eternal home!

Jasper Jones is from the San Carlos Apache Reservation. We invite you to watch this video as Jasper tells about the confusion and addiction he experienced as a young man. When he was 33 years old, the Lord Jesus Christ came into His life and changed him completely. Jasper wants you to know that Jesus is the answer to what you are searching for!

Kate remembers the times when addiction to drugs, alcohol, and drug dealing were a way of life that she could not escape.  She found deliverance from her hopelessness through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ!

Lorna shares how she found the way of escape from addictions and family strife!

Arnold, a former drug dealer, describes how his life was dramatically changed by a relationship with the Lord!

Leroy shares how he was delivered from addictions when he came to know Jesus Christ as his Savior!