Our Team

Our Outreach

The members of our ministry team meet each week in a variety of locations in order to effectively evangelize the lost and to provide opportunities for discipleship for Native believers. Our first service each week is Sunday morning at our mission site for worship, prayer, and preaching for adults & children. Our church family is comprised of our ministry staff, believers from the surrounding community, and individuals who drive from the nearby reservation communities. As a New Testament church, we strive to follow all the goals, philosophy, and polity laid out in the Bible. As such, our church has the same goals and mission as any other New Testament local church in America. We seek to evangelize the lost, disciple all believers under our watch-care, train our attendees to use their gifts to minister and reproduce themselves spiritually, and plant other New Testament churches of like faith and practice. We too are open to any visitor of any ethnic group or race with the goal of increasing the number of disciples and – if the Lord grants it – the numerical size of our local church body.

TJOur team ministers through various outreaches of evangelism and discipleship on the reservation within the cultural context of the Native community. Ministry by design is relaxed and informal in the atmosphere of the Native church. Compared to many churches in our country, there may be some external differences. This should not be a surprise to anyone who is familiar with mission works that target particular ethnic groups or peoples. Bible study, history of missions, godly counsel, and personal experience have taught us that if we are to most effectively reach the American Indian people, we must be willing to go to their locations and adapt to their culture, needs, and lifestyle – while maintaining a loyalty to the principles, practices, and polity of the local church as patterned in the New Testament.

FullSizeRender (2)We desire to influence lives for Christ by our contact, relationships, and instruction – which welcome involvement and increasing commitment of the Native people. This approach to cross-cultural ministry is reflected in the majority of our ministry being with Native people in their reservation community. Therefore, we use our facilities, not so much for conducting a full slate of programs on the mission site, but rather as a launching pad from which we can coordinate multiple ministries in the Native communities. Our goal, in keeping with our indigenous philosophy, is not to pastor the Native church, but to develop believers who have been discipled to serve through the indigenous church. Native Christians can reach the community from within, and minister more effectively than an outsider.

Weekly Radio Broadcast - Sharing the Gospel inEnglish and the Apache LanguageWith these strategic goals in mind, our outreaches emphasize partnership with Native believers in various ministries such as home Bible studies, bilingual services at the elderly center, tribal jails, detox center, as well as preaching at wakes and through radio broadcast. Native believers are mentored as they evangelize their people.

Untitled-6Native believers are uniquely gifted to effectively share the Gospel in their own communities; they are also very effective in reaching tribal people in other regions by sharing their salvation testimonies on DVD’s we have assisted in producing and distributing. Though we are located in “Indian country,” our field is indeed the world!

Is God burdening your heart for Native missions? Our effectiveness depends upon the Lord. We need the involvement of prayer warriors on a daily basis. We would be honored to have you join us in partnering with Native believers in the cause of reaching tribal people for Jesus Christ!